Fiction pre-1989 – other

avenging angelas Thom Ryder

Avenging Angel, New English Library, UK, 1975

Angel Alone, New English Library, UK, 1975

as Jon Hart – The Mercenaries Series

Black Blood, Mayflower, UK, 1977

High Slaughter, Mayflower, UK, 1977

Triangle of Death, Mayflower, UK, 1977

Guerilla Attack, Mayflower, UK, 1977

Death Raid, Mayflower, UK, 1978

as Jon Barton – The Deathshop Series

Kill Hitler!, Corgi, UK, 1976

Forest of Death, Corgi, UK, 1977

Lightning Strikes, Corgi, UK, 1977

as James Barton – The Wasteworld Series

Angels, Granada, UK, 1984


One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, New English Library, UK, 1976

Herbie Rides Again, New English Library, UK, 1977

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, New English Library, UK, 1978

The Eagle’s Wing, (as Michael Syson) Corgi, UK, 1978

Duty Free, Ravette, UK, 1986

More Duty Free, Ravette, UK, 1986

Hard Cases, (from own screenplays), Ravette, UK, 1987

john harvey

For young readers

last summer, first loveWhat About It, Sharon?, Penguin, UK, 1979

Reel Love, Scholastic, UK, 1982

Sundae Date, Scholastic, UK, 1983

What Game Are You Playing?, Scholastic, UK, 1983

Footwork, Scholastic, UK, 1984

Wild Love, Pan, UK, 1986

Last Summer, First Love, Pan, UK, 1986

The Tempest Twins Series

Kidnap!, Beaver, UK, 1987

Daylight Robbery!, Beaver, UK, 1987

Hot Property!, Beaver, UK, 1987

Terror Trap!, Beaver, UK, 1988

Downeast to Danger, Beaver, UK, 1988

Runner!, Beaver, UK, 1988