“ … a uniquely readable poet of great integrity.”
Andy Brown

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Published: April, 2019

Publisher: Shoestring Press



“Aslant places John Harvey’s poems alongside evocative photographs by Molly Boiling which provide sharp-edged images of steps, shadows, girders and corners of high buildings. These pictures often suggest entrances and exits or incidental glimpses alongside the telling of a story. Hence they combine well with Harvey’s poems which usually have a strong narrative and reminiscent thread.

“This is no ordinary book: the well-chosen images and the way they complement some consistently satisfying high-quality poems make it, in my view, well worth a tenner of anybody’s money.”
Thomas Owens: London Grip

“John Harvey’s poetry is spacious, unhurried, measured, taking its time to unfurl its effect but keeping its hooks in the reader by careful control of pace and by making every word count.

The photos by Molly E. Boiling are abstract conceptions, many based on buildings seen from unusual angles and reflect the poet’s interest in abstract art. They certainly contribute to what is a very attractive book-object.”
Robin Thomas: The High Window


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silence-coverOut of Silence
New & Selected Poems

Published: May 1, 2014

Publisher: smith|doorstop books 

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poetry books

ghosts of chanceGhosts of a Chance, Smith/Doorstop Books, 1992

“Many English writers try hard to create a genuinely transatlantic feel to their work. John Harvey is one of the very few who succeed, and the results are marvellous.”
Ian McMillan



John Harvey reads Oklahoma Territory with Second Nature


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bluer than thisBluer Than This, Smith/Doorstop Books, 1998

“Harvey is a fine poet. What is perhaps most striking in Bluer Than This is Harvey’s extraordinary empathy. His insights into the minds and hearts of others – there is a tenderness here that many British poets do not risk.”
John Burnside

Coolness and smoothness have always been the twin trademarks of John Harvey’s poetry, but I detect in these poems a tenderness and warnth that make the writing even more wothwhile. From the heart now, as well as the hip.”
Simon Armitage

John Harvey reads the poem, What Would You Say? with Second Nature, featuring Mel Thorpe on flute.

What Would You Say


poetry books


Many English writers try hard to create a genuinely transatlantic feel to their work. John Harvey is one of the very few who succeed, and the results are marvellous.”
Ian McMillan

Provence, Praipus Poets, 1978

The Old Postcard Trick, Slow Dancer, 1984

Neil Sedaka Lied, [with The Party’s Upstairs, Brendan Cleary], Smith/Doorstop Books, 1987

taking the long road homeTaking The Long Road Home, Slow Dancer, 1988


The Downeast Poems [with Swimming The English Channel, Susan Bright], Smith/Doorstop Books, 1989

Sometime Other Than Now [with Sue Dymoke], Slow Dancer, 1989

territoryTerritory, Slow Dancer, 1992



John Harvey’s poems appear in the following :

WPFW89.3FM Poetry Anthology, Edited by Grace Cavalieri, The Bunny & The Crododile Press, Washington DC, 1992

First Draft, Edited by John Bosley, Stephanie Bowgett, John Duffy & Philip Foster, Albert Poets, 1994

The Long Pale Corridor: Contemporary Poems of Bereavement, Edited by Judi Benson & Agneta Falk, Bloodaxe, 1996

Poems for the Beekeeper, Edited by Robert Gent, Five Leaves, 1996

Eating Your Cake … And Having It, Edited by Ann Gray, Fatchance Press, 1997

Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Anthology, 1989-1998, Edited by Roy Blackman & Michael Lasky, The Aldburgh Poetry Trust, 1999

Paging Doctor Jazz, Edited by John Lucas, Shoestring Press, 2004

Poetry: the Nottingham Collection, Edited by John Lucas, Five Leaves, 2005

Journals and magazines

The Lineup is an annual magazine of crime-related poetry edited by Gerald So. The 2009 issue contains two of my poems, a reworking of “Always Chinatown”, which appeared in Bluer Than This, and a little poem called “Story”, which had never previously been published – there are poems also by, amongst others, Sophie Hannah, Carol Novak, Manuel Ramos and the redoubtable Reed Farrel Coleman.

Check it out at The Lineup’s official blog here Copies may be purchased here.