Fiction pre-1989 – Westerns


As John B Harvey – The Hart, The Regulator Series

Cherokee Outlet, Pan, UK, 1980.

Blood Trail, Pan UK, 1980.

Tago, Pan UK, 1980.

The Silver Lie, Pan, UK 1980

Blood on the Border, Pan, UK, 1981

Ride the Wide Country, Pan, UK, 1981

Arkansas Breakout, Pan, UK, 1982

John Wesley Hardin, Pan, UK, 1982

California Bloodlines, Pan, UK 1983

The Skinning Place, Pan, UK 1983

(This last book of the series was re-printed in The Fatal Frontier, edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H Greenberg, Carroll & Graf, (US) 1997)

All the Hart The Regulator books are now available as eBooks via the Piccadilly Books website

as L.J. Coburn – The Caleb Thorn Series

The Raiders, Sphere, UK, 1977

Bloody Shiloh, Sphere, UK, 1978


The Caleb Thorn books are now available as eBooks from the Piccadilly Books website.


as John J McLaglen – The Herne the Hunter  Series

River of Blood,Corgi, UK, 1976.

Shadow of Vultures, Corgi, UK, 1977.

Death in Gold, Corgi, UK, 1977.

Cross-Draw, Corgi, UK, 1978

Vigilante!, Corgi, UK, 1979

Sun Dance, Corgi, UK, 1980

Billy the Kid, Corgi, UK, 1980

Till Death… , Corgi, UK, 1980

Dying Ways, Corgi, UK, 1982

Hearts of Gold, Corgi, UK, 1982

Wild Blood, Corgi, UK, 1983

Seven of the Herne The Hunter series are now available as eBooks via the Piccadilly Books website

as William S. Brady – The Hawk Series

Blood Money, Fontana, UK, 1979

Killing Time, Fontana, UK, 1980

Blood Kin, Fontana, UK, 1980

Desperadoes, Fontana, UK, 1981

Dead Man’s Hand, Fontana, UK, 1981

Sierra Gold, Fontana, UK, 1982

Death and Jack Shade, Fontana, UK, 1982

Border War, Fontana, UK, 1983

Killer!, Fontana, UK, 1983

as William S. Brady – The Peacemaker Series

Whiplash, Fontana, UK, 1981

War-Party, Fontana, UK, 1983

as J.D. Sandon – The Gringos Series

Cannons in the Rain, Mayflower, UK, 1979

Border Affair, Mayflower, UK, 1979

Mazatlan, Mayflower, UK, 1980

Wheels of Thunder, Mayflower, UK, 1981

Durango, Mayflower, UK, 1982

as J.B. Dancer – The Lawmen Series

Evil Breed, Coronet, UK, 1977

Judgement Day, Coronet, UK, 1978

The Hanged Man, Coronet, UK, 1979

as William M. James  – The Apache Series

Blood Rising, Pinnacle, US, 1979

Blood Brother, Pinnacle, US, 1980

Death Dragon, Pinnacle, US, 1981

Death Ride, Pinnacle, US, 1983

The Hanging, Pinnacle, US, 1983